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    QUIK is a collaboration between The Berrics and Quiksilver. It’s a film shot exclusively on the sidewalks and streets of Los Angeles giving an unprecedented look into the world of street skating in its rawest and most distilled form. Captured entirely from a moving vehicle, the film follows Austyn Gillette as he skates through the neighborhoods of LA’s historic east-side and downtown at top speed.

    Bones Brigade Signed Deck Giveaway

    Stacy Peralta is giving away a valuable board from the Bones Brigade website. It’s been signed by each person that was interviewed for the documentary Bones Brigade; An Autobiography.

    Josh Swindell Released From Prison


    After serving close to twenty years in prison for second-degree murder in 1993, Josh Swindell is a very changed and free man. He was released from the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo on September 5th. Drop by the ESPN Skateboarding blog for the story and quotes from Josh.

    Mostly Skateboarding

    Find It, Grind It

    Illuminated in the evening heat, Mike Gustafson 50-50s a guard rail in Somewhere, USA.

    Illuminated in the evening heat, Mike Gustafson 50-50s a guard rail in Somewhere, USA.

    Photo by Sam McKenna

    Escapist Presents ‘Red And Yellow’

    Check out this feature for the release of Escapist’s new video ‘Red And Yellow’. Check out the exclusive behind the scenes trailer with Sean Malto, interviews with Ryan Lovell and Dan Askew from Escapists, plus share the Red And Yellow Trailer from Thunder or Spitfire’s Facebook pages for a chance to win Malto’s Pro F1 Spitfire Wheels, and Pro Thunder Hollow Lights.

    Loveletters To Skateboarding: Fallen Brothers

    YouTube Preview Image

    The latest episode of Loveletters To Skateboaring from offthewall.tv takes a look back at the members of the skateboard family that left us too soon. “They laughed, they cried..they tried” – Jeff Grosso.

    Weekend Buzz From Ride Channel

    Share a drink and a few laughs with Rob Brink and Erica Yary as they interrogate your favorite pros for their opinions on the latest skate industry news, gossip and high jinx

    This week, Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta dropped by to talk about the new enjoi video and team riders, board sales, slams, dramatic video parts, hating babies, bad uncle Lou, getting high with fans, Tony Manfre’s departure from enjoi, Sketchers, split video parts and a MAJOR, ground breaking announcement from Jerry Hsu!