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  • Davis Torgerson: Pushing Minnesota

    Real Skateboards has just posted the newest ‘Pushing’ video with Davis Torgerson going home to Minnesota to push the streets. Check it out, along with the new limited edition Pushing Minnesota capsule available in select skate shops now.

    Future Nature: Basque Migration

    Element completes the Migrations trilogy with some footage from the northern providence of Spain, known as Basque Country. Migrations is a three-part series of behind-the-scenes footage from Future Nature, The Element Am Video.

    Jason Dill Week Comes To An End

    Vans has just wrapped up a full week of Jason Dill. Today’s post features a exclusive interview that delves into Jason’s real name, addiction, recovery, 101, his shirtless Sheckler ad, his constantly broken wrist, his upcoming Vans video part and a number of other topics.

    Classic Tales: Christian Hosoi

    In a special collaboration with San Francisco-based artist Jay Howell and director/animator Jim Dirschberger, Offthewall.tv introduces a brand new animated interview series, Classic Tales. This animated web series shares the eye-popping, mind-bending tales of fantasy, delusion and peculiar antics from various Vans team riders including Christian Hosoi, Joel Tudor, Tony Alva and others. Classic Tales debuts with skate legend Christian Hosoi, as he recalls a psychedelic Hawaiian adventure from his glory days.

    Skateboarding & The Olympics


    For those of us that remain protective of skateboarding, its interests and its future, Jenkem just released a piece on Skateboarding & The Olympics. It’s a solid and insightful read and delves into some history which points to where we are and where we are going. Interviews with and Dave Carnie and Gary Ream of Woodward help to ease the pain. And yes, we agree with Tony Hawk’s sentiment that the Olympics needs skateboarding more than skateboarding needs them.

    Matix Re-Signs Daewon, MJ, and Manderson


    After being acquired by Westlife Distribution this summer and settling into a new office space, Matix Clothing is moving forward and has re-signed the of its core ambassadors, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson and Mike Anderson. Look for each of their signature collections in the seasons ahead.

    SKATELINE: Lil Wayne, Flip Online Video and More

    Gary Rogers is going for it again with some hard-hitting humor on SKATELINE this week. Roll tape!

    Jason Dill Week: The Alien Workshop Ads

    Jason Dill Week continues at the Vans site with a look back at all 23 of Dill’s ads for Alien Workshop. In case you missed yesterday’s collection of Jason’s interviews you can check it out here.