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  • Pretty Sweet Out Now!

    In the rare chance you don’t know, now you know – Girl and Chocolate skateboards’ Pretty Sweet skate video is now available for purchase at skate shops and download worldwide.

    DC Shoes: Waiting For Lightning Colin McKay Bonus Cut

    With the release of Waiting For Lightning a new film about Danny Way, less than two weeks away, DC will be dropping WFL bonus cuts every other day up until the film hits theaters and is available for download on December 7th.

    Check out this bonus cut with Colin McKay as he breaks down the DC Super Ramp and the impact it had on skateboarding.

    Escape to LA – Episodes 6 & 7

    Next week, Canada’s King Shit Mag will reveal the winner of this past summer’s Escape To LA competition amongst five skate teams with over 1200 miles of skating and good and tough times now behind them. Enjoy these lead ups to the final episode where the winning team from the road between Vancouver, BC and the City of Angels will be announced.

    Episode 6 – The teams meet up in San Francisco for some ledge skating at Waller Street before heading to 3rd and Army for the final Team Challenge.

    Episode 7 – It’s all about the skating – the teams make their way to the finish line while stacking as much street footage as they can for their Team Edit, which can make or break their final time.

    Adventures With Chris: Trujillo Takes New Jersey

    YouTube Preview Image

    After the Metallica Orion Fest in Atlantic City, Tony Trujillo and Keegan Sauder decided to stick around New Jersey for a couple days to have adventures and film for the Vans video. Naturally, Tony insisted on buying an undercover cop car so as not to attract attention. Too bad having special guest Frank Gewer in tow made that plan near impossible.

    Andrew Canon’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

    Andrew Cannon breaks down his top five travel essentials during a break from his travels in Lima, Peru.

    Lifeblood X Blood Wizard Summer Tour – Part 2

    Lifeblood X Blood Wizard Summer Tour – Part 2

    New Recruits and Roster Hops

    We apologize for the delay. We’re stoked to be back online delivering the latest skate news to you regularly.

    Nonetheless, onwards and upwards, let’s get right back to the news. Jamie Tancowny has departed the Zero camp and has joined the small crew over at Life Extention program.

    Tom Remillard in no longer affiliated with Anti Hero skateboards. After 16 years behind the brand Paul Shier has announced that he has parted ways with the UK’s Blueprint skateboards. No words as to whether the skilled Englishman will retire, join another brand, or start up a new one. Roll the video – Cody McEntire is now getting his licks with Silver Trucks. Northern California’s Jerry Gurney is the newest member on Lucky Bearings.

    It might not be a “Welcome to the team” video, but Ethan Loy is ripping around on Destructo Trucks. Jordan Trahan rips a sick line down the streets for 5Boro Skateboards.

    Chet Childress X Alive And Well

    YouTube Preview Image

    Chet Childress X Alive And Well