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  • CPH PRO Trailer 2: Dennis Busenitz and Aaron Hazelwood

    The CPH PRO crew has released its second trailer featuring SF resident skateboarders Dennis Busenitz, and Aaron Hazelwood. Dennis tells it like it is and Aaron discusses his latest DIY spot, known as The Flowershop.

    The 6th annual CPH PRO is coming up next month and it’s touted as the biggest one yet, but there is no official website or schedule information at this time.

    Catching Up With Geoff Rowley

    For Go Skateboarding Day 2012, Chris Nieratko and Vans caught up with Geoff Rowley on the road and asked him about teaching his son to skate the Mega Ramp, his new shoe, Arto’s near death slam and what’s upcoming from Flip Skateboards. Listen in.

    Waiting for Lightning – “Go Skateboarding Day” Trailer

    Waiting For Lightning director Jacob Rosenberg and friends have a special Go Skateboarding edit to share featuring Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Drydek, Mike Blabac and several of the interviewees from the film.

    Waiting for Lightning will be released in theaters this fall.

    Eric Koston – Epicly Later’d Teaser

    The upcoming Eric Koston Epicly Later’d series is sure to deliver an inside look at the personal history of certainly one of the best street skaters of all time. Stay tuned and get ready for the worldwide web to explode on Thursday, July 12th

    Go Skateboarding Day Events


    As you know tomorrow delivers a swarm of events all over the planet for Go Skateboarding Day. With too many events to list or mention, here are a few that you should not miss providing that they take place in your area. Nonetheless, enjoy your time skating no matter where you are, Go Skateboarding Day or not.

    Emerica’s Wild In The Streets 2012 along the streets of Detroit, Michigan.

    FTC’s GSD Skate Jam at the Waller Street Ledges in San Francisco.

    Cowtown’s GSD Mini Ramp Jam in Tempe, Arizona

    Go Skate Day skating, BBQ, live music, and more at Commonwealth Skateboarding in Portland, Oregon

    Brooklyn Street Skate Spot’s GSD skate jam and benefit BBQ in Portland, Oregon

    Skateistan’s 4th Annual Go Skateboarding Day event in Kabul, Afghanistan

    Be sure to check in on the official Go Skateboarding Day site for other events too!

    Since 66

    Director/Editor Elliot Rausch has created this great short film titled, “Since 66” with Vans’ Godfather Steve Van Doren walking along the footwear brand’s historic 46-year path. Supplemental pieces from Ray Barbee, Steve Caballero, Keith Morris, Tony Alva, Russ Pope, Christian Hosoi, and others who share the same belief and creative space from their hearts are included.

    Eswic welcomes David Reyes

    Coming through with one of his best welcome videos to date, David Reyes is now apart of Eswic.

    Madars Apse