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  • ‘Pretty Sweet’ NYC Video Recap

    This past Sunday DQM hosted the New York premiere of Girl and Chocolate Skateboards’ latest video, ‘Pretty Sweet’, at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. Skaters and celebrities packed two screenings and were treated to an amazing display of production and skateboarding.

    Real Skateboards: Pushing Washington D.C.

    After going home for a couple days this summer to Push their hometowns. The Real Team kept it going and partnered up with local area shops and pushed a few of their favorite cities.

    Chima Ferguson, Ernie Torres, Peter Ramondetta, Massimo Cavedoni, Davis Torgerson & Alex MIdler spent a couple days pushing the streets of Washington, DC.

    The one time release Pushing Washington, DC LTD Capsule includes a custom Washington, DC REnewAL REAL deck, Pushing Washington, DC t-shirt, sticker and graphic MOB griptape. Available now, only in select skate shops.

    Bones Welcomes Tony Hawk

    toutComing full circle, Bones Wheels has proudly welcomed original Bones Brigade team rider Tony Hawk to its diverse team of rippers. His signature wheels are out now.

    Vans Double Downs on a Monday

    YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

    We’ve got two separate posts from the Vans Skate site today. First off, in a new episode of “Adventures with Chris”, Keegan Sauder skates the Bro Bowl while SPoT’s very own Ryan Clements gives us the history and then ELijah Berle gives us his six things he’s going to do now that “Pretty Sweet” is wrapped up.

    Bones Brigade Trivia Show: Elijah Berle

    YouTube Preview Image

    Elijah Berle is the contestant on Episode 2 of The Bones Brigade Trivia Show. Tune in to see how much this young shredder knows about his skate history.

    Dogtown Rip of the Week: Barker Barrett

    In the latest Rip of the Week, Barker Barrett and Paul Schmitt conspire to design Barker’s guest board for Dogtown Skateboards.

    “A true collaboration between Dogtown Skateboards, Barker Barrett, with art by Alyasha Moore. Alyasha’s art incorporating curbs as wings brings Barker’s love for skating curbs out in this Limited Edition Pro Model Guest Board.”

    Danny Cerezini Joins BLVD

    Danny Cerezini has been welcomed over to BLVD skateboards.

    Obama or Romney?

    The skaters have spoken. Tony Hawk, Chris Cole, Shane O’Neill, Alex Midler, Jake Donnelly, Jorge Angel, Steve Caballero, Gary Rogers, PLG, Giovanni Reda, Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley, and Mike Anderson propose some serious questions for the presidential candidates on election day.